MedicIndia is looking for your leadership skills!  Besides being a participant in the MedicIndia summer program, one can choose to apply for a site staff position.  The site staff will be designated to two first-year medical students who are looking to take on a greater responsibility in the successful undertaking of the group.  There are two site staff positions available.  These two site leaders are responsible for the planning and coordination of a trip.  In addition, they will play a valuable and critical link between the MedicIndia staff, New
Civil Hospital, and the fellows.

Being a site leader requires a passion to listen and accommodate.  It will require a trusting, open and cohesive environment.  With help from MedicIndia, the site staff will provide a general outline of retreats, rotations, and facilitate group discussions.  Site staff will be required to meet with site staff or MedicIndia from the previous year to further understand the program.  Each site leader is integral in assuring that the participants are pushed and inspired.  They must also make sure that there remains a healthy group equilibrium.

The site staff will face challenging situations where he or she may have to facilitate problems within the group, amongst the community, and strive for “win-win” situations and solutions.  Complete guideline and requirements will be given to the site leader upon acceptance.

The site staff position is available to those who qualify for application to the MedicIndia M1 summer program.  In addition, MedicIndia is looking for dedicated and passionate leaders whose experience and personalities will contribute to the success of the year and experience. 

** If applying for the site staff position, please complete extra questions on the application.  Please note that unless otherwise noted on the application, site staff applicants will also be considered for general fellowship acceptance.