Retreats are part of a continuing structured curriculum that allows fellows to explore topics pertinent to India as the fellowship's experiences put them into perspective.  During the six-week program, students will have the chance to explore various areas across India.  Fellows will do so in three ways: 

     1.  At least one weekend retreats will be at select locations in Gujarat or Maharashtra.   
          Fellows will be taken to various regions near to Surat.  Through these local retreats,
          students will be able to experience a nearby yet different atmosphere.  In 2004, fellows
          visited Sewa Rural in Jaghadeeya, GJ, and Ekal Vidyalaya in Palghar, MH.

     2.  During the final days of MedicIndia, fellows will be taken to another area in Western
          India.  This extended retreat will also give students time to reflect on their past weeks
          and will give them the opportunity to be in contact with other MedicIndia students.  In
          2004, fellows visited Matheran, GJ.

     3.  For one weekend, fellows will be given the opportunity to visit family / friends in India. 
          This was built into the MedicIndia program as fellows are asked to refrain from visiting
          family and friends at other times throughout the program.  Please note that MedicIndia
          will not be responsible for costs incurred during this weekend.

MedicIndia retreats are designed to give fellows a broad view of development in India, encourage reflection, and replenish energy.  Furthermore, the retreats allow for planned breaks from continuous immersion within the project community. The retreat structure allows fellows to reenergize and collectively solve problems regarding their communitiy.  Furthermore, fellows may deepen their understanding of India. Fellows will be encouraged to share reflective experiences and further personal and group dynamics.