Please note that the application deadline is April 1, 2006.

MedicIndia is a competitive public service fellowship introducing first-year medical students to social service, development, hands-on-experience, and India.  The MedicIndia fellowship is a unique transformational experience fellows will face many difficulties and obstacles alongside many successes.  The project will target both personal growth and international development. As a group, MedicIndia fellows will have the capacity to make a large impact in the work of the doctors, hospital, and community.  The limits of the contribution are only limited by the fellows' creativity, passion, and motivation. 

Each year, MedicIndia selects 8-12 young professionals for a six-week service fellowship / rotation at New
Civil Hospital in Surat, Gujarat, India.  The fellows will quickly acclimate to the new environment and, following a brief orientation, will be enveloped in a challenging and academic environment.  Specifically, fellows will spend their time rotating through various specialties.  The 8-12 fellows will rotate through general medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, obstetrics / gynecology, and preventive and social medicine (PSM).  These rotations will permit students to spend between one and two weeks in a particular specialty while collaborating with students from nearby medical colleges, doctors, and patients. In this time, students will be exposed to phlebotomy, history of present illness, vital signs, physical exams skills, vaccinations, related pathophysiological lessons, and other medical procedures.  This allows medical students to perform resourceful tasks while experiencing areas of medicine that they may not otherwise be exposed to until later in their professional careers.

In addition, MedicIndia is driven by the desire to provide increased health services to a developing community. Because of the widespread poverty, unawareness, and malnutrition, much can be done to help provide and improve healthcare.  Though the fellows may be limited in clinical skill, they will not be limited by their reach. 

Another aspect to the MedicIndia fellowship is supporting individual growth.  The intense experience is simultaneously rewarding and personally challenging. The fellowship has been specially designed to include speakers, discussion groups, retreats, and rural and urban exposure.  MedicIndia looks to strengthen the connection between the fellows and India.  Besides the medical services and knowledge that MedicIndia fellows will offer, the experience will expose students to the strength, people, and traditions of India.  From this exposure, MedicIndia hopes to provide a new perspective of India to interested individuals. 

Finally, MedicIndia looks towards its graduating fellows to provide for the future.  MedicIndia hopes to provide its fellows as a stepping stone for the future.  By helping those who lack healthcare privileges, MedicIndia hopes to bring the humanistic and service aspect of medicine to its fellows.  MedicIndia hopes to inspire and encourage future doctors to become future leaders.                                                                                                

To apply for the MedicIndia fellowship, download the below application and postmark it by April 1, 2006.
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