MedicIndia M4 Rotation Program is a public service rotation introducing fourth-year medical students to social service, development, hands-on-experience, and India while academically supporting the medical student.  Like the M1 summer program, the M4 rotation promises to be a unique transformational experience students will face disease and pathology that is far infrequent in more developed countries.  Students will face difficulties and obstacles alongside many successes.  The project will target both personal growth and international development. As an individual, the rotating student has the capacity to impact the work of the doctors, hospital, and community.  In addition, returning students will have a large impact on those less exposed to the needs of international medicine. 

The M4 Rotation program requires that students dedicate at least 6 weeks to understanding the Indian health care system.  However, in order for such a basic understanding, we feel that students must be involved in at least two of four different practices / locations of medicine.
     1. Public Rural Health Center
     2. Public Urban Hospital
     3. Private Rural Health Center
     4. Private Urban Health Center

One will be witness to major differences between rural and urban health care.  Because of the difference between the Indian and American social and demographic structure, a more developed rural infrastructure is necessary.  Also, many different diseases and issues can be uncovered in a rural setting.

Besides the New Civil Hospital in Surat, GJ, rotation programs are also being established with Sewa Rural in Jaghadeeya, GJ, and with the Shamalaji Public Health Center (PHC) in Shamalaji, GJ.  Other rotation programs are being established.  Please continue to check the MedicIndia website for other opportunities.

Unlike the M1 fellowship, the M4 rotation is generally not done within a structured group setting.  The student will be more immersed in the community and more be able to make a lasting individual impact.  However, support normally from the MedicIndia staff will come more from the NGO / hospital staff.. 

MedicIndia is driven by the desire to provide increased health services to a developing community. Because of the widespread poverty, unawareness, and malnutrition, much can be done to help provide and improve healthcare.  Another aspect to the MedicIndia rotation program is supporting individual growth.  The intense experience is simultaneously rewarding and personally challenging. Besides staff support, students will also have access to the MedicIndia readers and speakers / retreats that are available to other groups.  MedicIndia looks to strengthen the connection between the fellows and India.  Besides the medical services and knowledge that MedicIndia fellows will offer, the experience will expose students to the strength, people, and traditions of India.  From this exposure, MedicIndia hopes to provide a new perspective of India to interested individuals. 

Finally, MedicIndia looks towards its graduating students to provide for the future.  MedicIndia hopes to provide a stepping stone for the future.  By helping those who lack healthcare privileges, MedicIndia hopes to bring the humanistic and service aspect of medicine to its fellows.  MedicIndia hopes to inspire and encourage soon-to-be doctors to become future leaders.

To apply for the MedicIndia fellowship, download the below application and postmark it at least 45 days before your expected departure.
*Note:  The application will NOT save with Acrobat Reader.