The MedicIndia fellowship is a profound personal experience.  It is an intense opportunity to understand participatory development.  It is a taxing event that will change how you look at medicine,
India, and yourself.  Through voluntary service, participants will be forced to think outside of the box and pushed to their limits.  With the assistance of New Civil Hospital in Surat, the fellowship looks to provide a transformational experience.  The group dynamics will require each fellow to share themselves and their beliefs quickly and personally.  It is the personal and medical sides of each participant that MedicIndia looks to develop.  Through the experience that each of you face, your medical and personal lines will blend into one. 

MedicIndia has been started to fulfill the need to connect future leaders to India.  It hopes to provide its students with a new perspective on India.  Fellows will be exposed to poverty and richness of heart.  They will be exposed to untraditional and effective methods.  They will face hurdles and successes.  The MedicIndia fellowship will provide you with as much as you look to develop out of it.  As an organization, MedicIndia has much potential and ability to grow.  The MedicIndia staff will support your endeavors and visions.  It is a fellowship that has fulfilled the basic needs of food, housing, and company.  In return, it asks that you fully dedicate yourself to bettering the lives of the community, patients, staff, doctors, and most importantly, yourself. 

Service work in India can be an overpowering and overbearing experience.  This is especially true as participants will enter a comparatively untraditional endeavor.  However, with the support of your group, site staff, and MedicIndia staff, the experience will be a growing one. 

MedicIndia looks to harness the power and ability of developing doctors.  It looks to teach that service is about community sharing, community involvement, and self-empowerment.  Thus, this fellowship will strengthen the self while illustrating the power of service, health-care, and passion.