The MedicIndia M4 Program is a rotation that has been designed to involve fourth-year medical students in their personal and also India's development while at the same time granting academic credit towards student elective credit.  MedicIndia is looking for dedicated future leaders to develop their medical skills at various rotation locations throughout India.  Like the M1 Summer Program, the rotation focuses on providing health care to a growing population, building fellowship, and cultivating future leaders.  A minimum of 2 three-week rotation opportunities are available at a:
     1.  Public Rural Health Center
     2.  Public Urban Hospital
     3.  Private Rural Health Center
     4.  Private Urban Health Center
Similar to the M1 summer program, please recognize the following requirements:
     1.  Fourth-year M.D. or D.O. student
     2.  Attend a US accredited medical school
     3.  Have a basic understanding in Hindi, Gujurati, and / or Marathi.