The Indian community both abroad and within India display exceptional talent.  One of these areas is in the field of medicine.  MedicIndia is a newly-established attempt to utilize this extraordinary talent and goodwill towards India by channeling these resources to help India maximize its potential. MedicIndia was started to encourage future doctors to take a leadership position and a role in India’s development.  It will further prove that the individual – as the self and as part of a greater team - can make a difference.

Based on the timeless idea of selfless service and the influence of Indicorps, MedicIndia is a recently started organization.  With the help of friends, family, and yourselves, MedicIndia is an up and coming success.  Every year, MedicIndia will grow and evolve.  This is especially true as the growth of the organization will see the growth its leaders.  In addition, the success of the organization has and will continue to see the growth of the Surat community and the New Civic Hospital staff and doctors.

The MedicIndia program is a collaborative effort by many.  It is a recently started concept that is based off of an idea that realizes the truth behind success, service, and development.  Our hearts go to those who have given boundless time and vision to contribute to the program’s success.

The idea of sending first-year medical students to India is the first program to do so.  Although the idea may have been considered by many, MedicIndia will put these ideas into practice.

The founders of MedicIndia, like yourselves, are first-year medical students.  Like you, we too have an integral involvement and passion to give back to our homeland.  In return, we hope that this experience will continue as a successful program for students for many years.  In the process, we hope for and encourage medical students to continue and develop the acquired leadership skills when they become future doctors.